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MoonBase Dark Template

Unlimited Sites Licence
  • Making Your Buffer Sites Look Different, making them look like they have a purpose is insanely important - and that's exactly what you get to do with this template!
  • Fully Mobile Responsive
  • Battle Tested On Amazon S3, Google Storage, Microsoft Azure, FTP

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Did You Know That An Equivalent HTML5 Template At ThemeForest

Without Buffer Site Wizard Integration

With Unlimited Sites Licence Costs In Excess Of $900!

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Buffer Site Wizard MoonBase Dark

Personalization Options

Unlimited Sites Licence

Home Page Settings

Custom Logo x2 (shows all pages)

Home Page Hero Slider Images x2

Custom Primary & Button Colors

Custom Location & Contact Info (including clickable Tel. No.)

Custom Footer Texts

Social Media Buttons

Short About Us Info & Image

Sub Page Settings

FULL About Us Details

Custom Header Image

Custom Sidebars Including:

Custom Search

Sidebar Banners

Sidebar Sticky Widget

Other Personalization

Custom Contact Us

FULL Privacy Policy

Search Results Page

Sitemap Sidebar FAQ

Article Banner Advertising

OPTIONAL Affiliate Disclaimer Notice

Social Share Buttons

GDPR Compliance

FREE Quick Start Workbook

Quirks You Should Be Aware Of

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