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  • SEVEN Private Group Sessions Downloading My Brain - (value $1050)
  • SECRET EZi Marketing Mastery Bundle That SPANKS Your Competition (value ~$297)
  • Marketing Tutor Blueprint Cheat Sheet PDF To 'Establish Your Brand' (value $47)

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Cut Down the Dreadful Work Time and Eliminate the Misery Of Being “Busy” (But Not Productive). I’m Offering You the Short Codes to Transform Your Reality and Become a Marketing BadAssWhen You Buy This Training and Network Bundle You’re Buying a New Future— of Unparalleled Marketing BadAssery!

Here Are Just SOME Of The Subjects We Cover ...

  1. Google My Business - Cement Your Digital Fingerprint, the RIGHT Way ... Driving FREE Profitable Website Traffic to Your Offers
  2. GMB Syndication - Drive a Mother Lode of Perpetual Targeted Traffic to Your Site
  3. Backlink Mastery - Learn How to Score Top Quality Links for FAST Ranking
  4. Product Creation - Launch ANY Product to a Crowd of Ready Buyers & Get Ambitious Affiliates to Promote With YOU
  5. Google Drive Stacks - Make Google Do Your Bidding by Strategically Layering Google’s Properties to Reach the Top
  6. Bing URL Submissions - 36% of the US Desktop Search Market Happens On Bing-  66 Million Americans Use a Bing-Powered Search Engine- Don’t Miss Out!
  7. Copyright & Plagiarism - Protect Yourself and Kick Pirates to the Curb
  8. Internal Link Builders - Direct Traffic to Your Money Pages Internally for Maximum Results
  9. Overlays & Exit Pops - Command Attention with Precision Call-to-Action Messages that Generate Sales
  10. Network Syndication - We’re Way More Powerful and Fast Acting Than 5G To Get Your Message Heard (and Seen) FAST!
  11. Site Indexing - Get Your Sites Identified and Recognized ASAP
  12. Google Sites New & Old - Learn How to Create These Sites In Minutes for Total Google Love (It’s Almost Kinky)
  13. ‘Local’ Site Preparation - Learn How To GeoSyphon Traffic in YOUR Local (or chosen) Area
  14. Money Sites, Tier1, Tier 2 & Beyond - Create High Ranking Satellite Sites to Slingshot Your Main Money Site - Cha Ching!
  15. Project Management - Master These Execution and Accountability Secrets to Get a Shit Ton MORE Done in Much Less Time
  16. Tumblr Optimization - Funnel This Baby’s Ranking Power with a Sneaky Trick That Works Every Time
  17. RSS Syndication - Automate Your Publications for Even More Visibility and Supreme Traffic Hacking
  18. Wordpress On Steroids - Leverage My Tested & Proven Themes & Plugins (already pre-loaded for you)
  19. Social Syndication - Propel Your Brand and Results By Hacking Authority Social Networks
  20. My Blackbook - I’ll Even Open My Personal Rolodex (Content Creators, Site Designers, Graphic Artists, Multi-Lingual Writers, Trademark Experts, and Copywriters)

And ... There's A Whole Lot More

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What Other Marketers Are Saying ...

There’s marketing and then there is Ezi Marketing! Words can hardly describe the value of the systems and marketing automations being shared on the daily basis by David. Simply put, It’s an unfair advantage.

Lamont West ‧ Marketing Badass - Competition Slayer

We have been using Ezi Marketing to help us improve our digital marketing strategies and have been very happy with the results. They are professional and great to work with. Highly recommend for growing your business online.

Michelle F ‧ Marketing Badass - Action Taker

Really an eye opening experience. What David showed me has been nothing but mind blowing, and I am so excited to start testing the methods he taught us!

Voda Shop ‧ Marketing Badass - Change Agent

Ezi Marketing patiently takes you behind the scenes to show you what needs to be done with affiliate marketing, social syndication, building up a brand or local sites. They give very generously of their time with knowledge that is priceless in this very competitive environment.

Laila Nimji ‧ Marketing Badass - Success Whisperer

My level of skill has been increased by what was done here. I couldn't have found a better mentor.

Zion Port ‧ Marketing Badass - Excuse Annihilator

The folks at Ezi Marketing have been my go-to gurus through the years for all the tips and strategies and new hidden secrets of online marketing. I use them frequently to strategise and to hone my local marketing skills. (always looking for those hidden nuggets of wisdom) Hey, even people who have been in the internet marketing arena for a long time will glean new tidbits of marketing secrets. I cannot speak highly enough about Ezi Marketing! They have my upmost respect!

Maggi Pier ‧ Marketing Badass - Traffic Maven

Thank you for all your help. Super service from folks who care and go the extra mile to help.

David Allen ‧ Marketing Badass - Results Seeker


So What Exactly Are You Getting Today? 

Our brains, experience, and network. You’ll get access to our brains on tap during 7 hours of 'group' coaching. Additionally, you’ll get membership into a network of excuse slaying action taking marketers and entrepreneurs that will take you to a higher level. Our VIP Gold Members experience connection, collaboration, and relentless badassery. Once you become a member of our powerhouse you’ll be part of an invincible ranking machine that dominates the search engines (no whips or leather needed).



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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get INSTANT ACCESS & DOWNLOAD ABILITIES within 7 days of purchase, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund and call it quits.