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Marketing Tutor PDF 'Establishing Your Brand'

Value: $47

So What Does The Marketing Tutor Intend To Do For You?

Firstly We Guarantee Nothing!

It's Up To YOU To Take Action
And Do The Work!

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Step 2

Watch The Video To Learn How To Create, Enhance & Deploy Articles The EZi Way ...

Access To 1020 Site Authority PUBLIC BLOG NETWORK


To Gain Access You Will Need To Become An Affiliate of GQ Central (Tier 1) ... <Register Here>

Once You Are Registered We Will Upgrade Your Account To An Author Role ... You May Then Begin Creating & Posting YOUR Articles ... Saving You $20+ Per Article On Guest Posting - And That's Not All ...


Upon Publishing, YOUR article will be syndicated via RSS feed to a further 9 x Authority Websites In Our Network (Tier 2 & 3) PLUS syndication to 393+ Social Media Accounts (GMB, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook & Linkedin Pages) ... Our Goal Is To Reach 500 Authority Network Sites Working Day & Night Like Clockwork For You 24/7 - 365 On Total Auto Pilot ...

NO PORN OR QUESTIONABLE LINKS ... If you have to question it, then DO NOT post it, we will remove it from the site ... we are VERY protective of the network (for everyone), if you are not sure, then we request that you speak to us first ... we reserve the right to remove you from the network with no recourse, if we feel you are attempting to manipulate the network in such a way that it causes harm to the network and the reputation of others ...


Step 3

Domain With All Bells And Whistles 1 Year Contract

Value: approx $275

We Will Provide An EZi Multistore Website That Can Become Anything You Wish It To Be ..

Money Site, eCommerce, Affiliate Product Store, PBN, Membership ... you name it, these sites can be tailor made to suit your online marketing needs ... inc. over $297 of paid plugins!

Best of all we have created a specific product for you, where you can enter your requirements (Domain & 1yr Hosting ) ...  you will pay ZERO for the first 12 months!

Choose Your Preferred 

Data-Center Location

Step 4

Example Network Diagram


Building Your Network

Create The Following ...

4 Google Sites T1 - 1 Unique Post Each (Watch Video)
- Naked / Keyword Phrase Do Follow links to Money Posts

Tool For The Job : Staxio

8 BSW Google Storage Sites Or Further Set of 8 Google Sites for Tier 2 - 1 Unique Post Each (Watch Video)
- Naked / Added Keyword Phrases Do Follow links, randomly linking to Money & T1 posts

Tool For The Job : Buffer Site Wizard

High Authority Tumblr Sites - See Step 2

Step 5

For Would Be Affiliate Marketers

& Even Seasoned Affiliates

Affiliate Oracle

I NEVER Re-Invent The Wheel

When it comes to affiliate marketing I always look to other successful affiliate marketers to gain insight and experience ...

And, in this case I hand the entire tutorials over to someone I admire for their down to earth approach to affiliate marketing ... I would have written this myself, however, after reading what Adam Payne had to say about it, I now direct everyone's attention to his awesome course ... 

The Affiliate Oracle

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